By CRM staff

Toronto, Ontario -- September 25, 2018 -- Polyvance has come out with a new product that works in many different areas of a bodyshop.

Polyvance’s 6450 Bumper Bag is used to take small dents out of plastic bumpers, sheet metal, adjust the fit of adjoining sheet metal panels as well as used to cushion a jack saddle to eliminate the risk of damage to the subframe.

It's made from 70,000-pound tensile strength webbing and is indestructible. However, it is also soft enough to conform to the shape of whatever it is pressing up against, which allows it to take the energy of the force and prevent further damage to the area.

This tool is versatile and has a few benefits such as minimizing the use of filler, as well as helping to adjust the twist in doors for a better fit with the quarter panel.

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