By CRM staff 
Toronto, Ontario – September 19, 2018 – BASF has created the world’s first particle foam based on polyethersulfone. 
The product was developed after two years of research and is now being presented in the form of prototypes by the company. 
The foam has unique characteristic including high-temperature resistance, inherent flame retardancy and is light-weight coupled with excellent strength. 
The foam is best suited for uses in complex-shaped components cars, airplanes and trains, which require mechanical qualities and the ability to withstand high operating temperatures or must be able to meet strict flame-retardant requirements. 
The expandable PSU granulate is pre-foamed into beads with low densities ranging from 40 to 120 g/L. The foam can also be moulded into parts with 3D geometries using other technologies on the market.


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