Toronto, Ontario -- September 7, 2018 -- It has been a strange year for collision repair facilities across much of Canada. In Prairies and in Atlantic Canada, natural disasters -- from floods, wildfires and unexpected hail storms -- have had facilities struggling to accomodate more vehicles in shorter periods of time than ever before.

With overflow vehicles often left out on the yard, many repairers have been forced to adopt new strategies in order to decrease their cycle times. Ever responsive to the needs of the market, some manufacturers and distributors, it seems, are starting to pick-up on the value of creating tools designed to allow for some procedures to be performed outside. 

Today, the Canadian manufacturer Arslan has announcement of the arrival of the 10-AV700 AccuVision-3D Chassis Measuring System, which it describes as the next generation system, and includes a raft of technologies that are specifically designed to allow for outdoor operations.

"When we started working on the design, we actually had American repairers in mind -- they often work in the sun," says Accuvision 3D and Arslan president Arman Gurarslan. "But its become clear that a lot of Canadian shops are going to benefit from the new features."

While Collision Repair staff have not yet had the chance to get hands-on with it, the manufacturer specs do seem to suggest that it will be more than a simple incremental improvement over earlier measuring systems. Rather than just a traditional stereoscopic camera, AccuVision-3D has rigged this model with a set of infrared and LED lights. This new system enables users to use the system outdoors even under direct sunlight -- and in the dark.

But it isn't just outdoor lighting concerns that have been addressed. The manufacturer has also made it so that measurements may be accurately performed on surfaces that aren't even flat. With an easy-to-use hand-held pointer, the units are also self-calibrating, allowing for repairers save time while working under-pressure. The system also connects to the Mitchell chassis database, which is used and when there is no data available, the user is capable of making data to measure.

"The big advantage with the new units comes down  how quickly they get jobs done," says Gurarslan. "With our system, there is zero-setup time. You just touch the points with the magic wand -- what a lot of users have taken to calling the hand-held pointer."

Accuvision-3D is manufactured in Canada by Arslan Automotive Canada Ltd.

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