By CRM Staff

Toronto, Ontario -- August 31, 2018 -- The EZ Nitrogen Plastic Welder uses proprietary Flow Adjust Technology (FAST) to simplify nitrogen welding and help eliminate flow adjustments by the user, resulting in reduced set up times. Equipped with two welders the product combines both a nitrogen and airless welding torch.

Also included on the welder is a plastic rod that includes various types and sizes, which allows users to weld various plastics and damages. A roll of aluminum tape comes with the system to hold parts together when welding.

A hand seaming tool is designed to help shape, flatten and insure that repaired flanges and tabs are the correct thickness.

The cart comes with a tank regulator, tank brackets, tank chain, a heat gun holster, and a power strip for powering other tools such as the optional digital set heat gun (DF-900HG) and thermal hot stapler (DF-800BR).

The welder uses 110volts and a maximum of 10amps, with a total consumption of 600watts. For more information visit


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