By CRM Staff 
Toronto, Ontario -- August 27, 2018 --This device shares the same communication platform with G-Scan and inherits the same outstanding diagnostic capability on Asian passenger cars as well as commercial vehicles. It has a fast and easy-to-use interface with a high definition LCD screen, displaying a large visual of icons and long text DTC description.
With the G-Scan 2, you don’t have to use your fingers to tap on the screen, the built-in stylus helps with that. The device has Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity as well as the latest Windows CE 6.0. It also offers a variety of utility functions such as communication line inspection, unit converter, calculator and special functions calculator.
Among these features the device also has a 16 G storage, allowing room for updates and storage for acquired data. 
G-Scan also has the function that detects the signal transmission and ultimate status of the CAN-Bus lines, by showing the illuminating lamp symbols on the screen to help identify the hardware defect of the system.


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