By CRM staff

Toronto, Ontario -- August 8, 2018 -- Car-O-Liner is now introducing three equipment packages that are affordable for any shop that is just getting started.

The three affordable packages are:

  • BenchRack and Vision X1 measuring system for collision repairs
  • The PointX system for efficient, accurate blueprinting and estimating
  • An aluminum repair system, which includes welding and vacuum capabilities, as well as a dent repair work station, allowing shops to start offering aluminum repairs immediately

“The industry is constantly changing, and the equipment and technical expertise must evolve along with it. For instance, we are seeing a demand for more accurate measuring as the first step in quality repair, to deliver on time with minimal supplements and reduced length of rental,” said Tim Garner, Car-O-Liner, national sales manager.

Car-O-Liner can be perceived as out of reach to some shops because of it’s high-quality, long-lasting equipment and in-depth training. But BenchRack and Vision X1 measuring system can allow shops to Get Started with Car-O-Liner for under $70,000.

“Car-O-Liner’s PointX measuring system can provide efficient measurements while comparing the readings to our extensive vehicle database just like our legendary Car-O-Tronic measuring system provides during the frame repair. Further, as aluminum content continues to grow in the vehicles of today, Car-O-Liner has shops covered there as well with aluminum dent repair, MIG welding and immersion vacuums. Our equipment is also approved by manufacturers with certified aluminum programs,” he said.

To learn how to get started with Car-O-Liner’s new, affordable equipment packages, visit or call 1-800-521-9696.


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