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Domenic Serra, owner of PDR Canada, demonstrates the electronic dent repair machine.
By CRM staff
Toronto, Ontario -- May 24, 2018 -- PDR Canada has unveiled the latest tool in its paintless dent repairing arsenal, a machine they say can stabilize steel and aluminum panels in cases where the metal has been stretched. PDR claims that the device's high frequency pulses stiffen and strengthen the metal without an immense amount of heat.
"We achieve these results by using a combination of traditional paintless dent repair methods in combination with our new machine and we are able to save panels with metal so stretched that it would be otherwise not repairable with a paintless method," says Domenic Serra, owner of PDR Canada.
Using bare metal contact on the underside of dents, the machine is designed to reduce the roof skins removals and the need for panel replacements. 
"We have been using this dent shrinking machine for a while in the field, with excellent results," Serra says.
To find out more information, call PDR Canada at 1-877-785-4245. 


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