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The Quality Air Breathing System from Martech is said to provide air for up to fourteen workers and can be customized to fit particular facility designs.
By CRM Staff
Toronto, Ontario -- May 22, 2018 -- When it comes to school essays, a grade of ‘D’ might not be cause for celebration, but in the world of portable breathing systems it is the gold standard – and Martech is happy to boast. According to the company, its Quality Air Breathing System line is designed to provide Grade ‘D’ breathable air from existing compressed air sources. 
With options available to service anywhere between one and fourteen people at the same time, systems are available in 50 SCFM to 150 SCFM panels. To fit customer and facility needs, the company also offers custom built systems on request and free shop layout designs and system configuration to boot. 
For more information, please visit breathingsystems.com.


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