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Durabook’s tough tablet: the new 116 U11.
By CRM Staff
Toronto, Ontario -- May 21, 2018 -- Most tablets aren’t meant to do the heavy duty work done on the shop floor. But the new 11.6" U11 tablet from Durabook is designed to be the exception. 
With four GB of RAM and the option of an Intel i7 series 3.6 GHz processor, it is said to feature top of the line ratings for drop, shock, vibration, rain, dust, sand, humidity and temperature resistance. In fact, Durabook boasts that it can survive in temperature shocks of 60°C to -20°C. The full HD screen is advertised as being readable in sunlight. The screen also features a 10-point multi-touch panel allowing users to keep their gloves on when using the device, and the touchscreen operates even when wet. It is said to have a hot-swappable battery that enables workers to operate outside without interruption.
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