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Tacky Netting comes with magnets with built-in hooks, so it goes up like a shower curtain.
By CRM Staff
Toronto, Ontario -- May 14, 2018 -- RBL Products has released Tacky Netting, a new line of paint booth netting. 
“You will immediately notice a difference with a cleaner paint job with a netting product capable of trapping both dirt and overspray,” said the company in a statement.
The netting comes in a roll (72”x 160’) and is very easy to install, according to the company. The magnets have built-in hooks that allow the netting to go up like a shower curtain, taking an estimated 20 minutes or less to install.
One roll of Tacky Netting is said to cover two complete spray booths. The starter kit comes with magnets and a full roll of the product.
For more information, please visit rblproducts.com.


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