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Aviva’s new app makes the claims process 20-40 percent faster.

By CRM Staff

Toronto, Ontario -- March 16, 2018 -- In a recent press release, Aviva Canada announced the development of its new app, AvivaExpress, in partnership with Snapsheet. The app will allow customers to submit insurance claims via their cellphones.

“We’re thrilled to expand our services to the Canadian market with a partner who works to provide cutting-edge solutions to its customers,” said Brad Weisberg, Snapsheet’s chief executive officer. “Aviva shares our core goal of making the claims process easier for everyone, so they’re an ideal choice as our first Canadian partner.”

Lynn Anderson, the Aviva's interim chief claims officer, said, “With Snapsheet’s great track record in the U.S., we’re proud to work with them and offer a transformative experience to our Canadian customers. The results from our pilot program showed an immense improvement to our customers’ claims journey. The time it takes for an estimate to be completed is significantly reduced, helping defy uncertainty for our customers.”

During the pilot program for the app, 93 percent of customers chose to opt-in to the self-serve option. Customers are asked to take photos of all four side of the vehicle, as well as any damage on the car and the current odometer reading, and submit them via AvivaExpress. The pilot program found the company was able to settle claims between 20 and 40 percent faster when customers used the app to file their claim.

Snapsheet hires auto technicians to perform the cost estimates based on the photos sent in by customers. If there are discrepancies between the estimate given by Snapsheet and the customer’s chosen repair shop’s estimate, Snapsheet will deal directly with the shop to resolve the difference in costs.

For more information visit avivacanada.com.


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