The EST900 DTM black topcoat is designed to be used without a primer.
By CRM Staff
Strongville, Ohio -- March 2, 2018 -- PPG has announced a new addition to its Defleet Essential coating line, the EST900 DTM black topcoat. The coating is designed to be used without a primer and can be applied directly over sanded cold rolled or blasted hot rolled steel surfaces, according to PPG.
"With EST900 DTM chassis black topcoat, PPG customers can enjoy two immediate benefits – enhanced productivity and reduced costs," said Scott Colvin, PPG product manager, commercial transport. "Eliminating the priming step reduces material and labour costs and speeds up the entire coating process. In addition, EST900 offers exceptional resistance to corrosion and wear and utilizes the existing Delfleet Essential hardener and activators. PPG customers will appreciate the positive throughput difference EST900 can make in a busy commercial shop."
According to Colvin, EST900's urethane-based resin technology provides outstanding protection against abrasive chemicals and corrosive solutions including road salt, grease and oil. As a 2.8 VOC chassis topcoat, it is compliant in all areas of Canada. The coat is formulated to effectively withstand common corrosion factors while providing excellent adhesion.
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