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Mirka’s new line of battery-powered sanders.
By CRM Staff
Toronto, Ontario -- February 28, 2018 -- According to Mirka, its new AOS-B and AROS-B Brushless spot repair sanders are revolutionizing the art of sanding and polishing systems.
The sanders are available in either a 3mm or 5mm orbit with 32mm back-up pad. The battery-driven Mirka sanders are small, ergonomicically-designed and energy efficient.  They are cordless, so there is no worry of getting tangled. The tool is designed to not require oiling.
The 10.8V Li-ion battery used by the tools is meant to last up to 16 hours in industrial use and charges in only 45 minutes, according to the product description. The sanders’ small size and ergonomic design are ideal for applications with polishing systems or for sanding in hard to reach places.
Mirka has also developed a wide range of grit abrasives available to fit on the new sanders.
For more information, visit mirka.com.


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