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Martech Services’ new Personal Air Breathing Unit.
By CRM Staff
Mazeppa, Minnesota -- February 16, 2018 -- Martech Services Company has released their new Personal Air Breathing Unit – Model P-20 in accordance with U.S. standards for breathable air quality.
According to Tom Wright, director of sales and marketing, Martech, when used properly, a Personal Air Breathing Unit will work with the existing filtered compressed air supply. The unit will provide a bypass of air for a paint spray gun. The Personal Air Breathing Unit is a 20 standard cubic feet per minute (SCFM) system. It is designed to allow for use with full hoods and can be equipped with vortex cooling tubes, if they are desired. According to Martech, the tool works with the existing filter compressed air supply. The existing filter must provide air quality equal to that required for a flawless paint finish. The breathing tool is complete with a belt mounted system, built-in filter with filter monitor and a carbon monoxide monitor with both audible and visual alarms, says the company. The monitor runs on a single battery, and continuously monitors the air.
With the ever increasing awareness and need to properly protect workers while working in contaminated air spaces, systems are also available from Martech that are designed for multiple users at the same time. Accessories can also increase or decrease the temperature of the air supply for improved user comfort.
More information on the Personal Air Breathing Unit, Model P-20 can be obtained by visiting breathingsystems.com.


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