The PointX measuring tool from Car-o-liner.
By CRM Staff
Toronto, Ontario -- February 9, 2018 -- A new product from Car-O-Liner has been released, which may create new standards for diagnostic work done by techs. The PointX measuring tool comes accompanied with Car-O-Liner’s Vision2 software, which is meant to guide technicians through repairs and track diagnostic data. 
Made from carbon fibre, the tool is designed to be lightweight and can be used one-handed through use of magnetic fixing. Car-O-Liner boasts the new tool’s automatic three-dimension measurement calculation, intuitive user interface and software and electronic documentation capabilities on its website.
According to the company, this new tool will help technicians cut down on time and increase income. As the PointX tracks measuring data, technicians will now have the documentation needed to charge customers for their diagnostic work, a necessary step in every repair. 
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