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Arslan Automotive recently introduced the Blueweld SMART spot welder (left). The company has now announced availability of the SHARK A7 arm (right), designed to speed up welding in difficult to reach areas.

Point-Clare, Quebec -- October 9, 2017 -- Arslan Automotive Canada has introduced the SHARK A7 arm for the I-Plus Blueweld SMART spot welder. According to Arman Gurarslan of Arslan Automotive, the A7 SHARK is a revolutionary design that speeds up and simplifies welding operations in the most difficult to access areas.

The patented large opening mechanism at the end section of the SHARK A7 opens a full 90 degrees by simply pressing with your finger, allowing insertion in boxed or difficult to reach parts. Once closed, it is ready to weld.

The SHARK A7 is water-cooled, just like the other arms of the I-Plus Blueweld SMART spot welder. The arm allows access to welding positions on rear or platform coatings that the company says may be impossible to reach with traditional systems.

Arslan Automotive Canada introduced the Blueweld line to the North American Market earlier this fall. The inverter welder is totally automatic with auto-set technology and water-cooled arms. It also features a USB port for saving jobs or uploading programs. Five different sets of arms are available, not including the SHARK A7. Blueweld is a 220 volt, 1-phase unit with a 14,000 Amp output. The gun pressure is 550 daN.

For more information, please visit arslanauto.com.


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