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An image provided by Polyvance shows the dramatic differences in organization the new boxes allow.
By CRM Staff
Rainsville, Alabama -- August 20, 2017 -- Polyvance has introduced a new product, 5003-01 welding rod organizer boxes, that are designed to fit the large tool area on all Polyvance welding carts. According to Polyvance, you can fit three boxes in the area with a little room to spare. Each case has five compartments with two snap latches to hold the top securely. 
In addition to organizing and holding all of the plastic welding rods, a statement from Polyvance says the new organizers allow you to easily see when supplies of a particular rod are running low, allowing you to reorder before you run out. 
The 5003-01 can be ordered as a single case or as a pack of three. Polyvance notes that there is a discount when ordering the three pack. 
In addition, Polyvance is also offering a set of three cases with a complete selection of welding rods. According to Polyvance, the included rods have a retail value of $300 and includes the company’s most popular profiles and colours.
For more information, please visit polyvance.com/Rod-Organizer-Cases or watch the video in the player below. 


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