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The Pro Rotary Polisher from Shurhold Industries.

Gurnee, Illinois -- August 15, 2017 -- Shurhold Industries has introduced a high-powered Pro Rotary Polisher aimed at the professional market. According to the company, the new polisher will quickly bring out a mirror-like finish in the dullest surface.

A statement from Shurhold Industries says that unlike consumer-quality orbital polishers, the Pro Rotary Polisher features axial rotation, and that motion is quick and effective in experienced hands, especially when removing scratches, oxidation and other surface defects. With 12 amps and 1,400 watts of power, it requires constant movement and balance to avoid leaving swirls and blemishes.

The Pro Rotary Polisher features a soft-start power switch with a locking on button, and a thumb-controlled variable speed dial for setting between 600 and 3,200 rpm. The polisher offers three different right- or left-hand ergonomic gripping styles deliver full-day comfort. Other features include EZ Clean mesh air intake vents and EZ Change carbon brush ports.

The Pro Rotary Polisher runs on 120V AC and comes with a 20-foot cord provides access to extensive jobs. Shurhold's Pro Rotary Polisher comes with a canvas storage bag, tools, replacement brushes and a one-year warranty.

You can view a video on the polisher’s features in the player below.


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