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The new rod from Polyvance is available in 30-foot packages and 1 lb. bags.
Rainville, Alabama -- March 19, 2017 -- Polyvance has recently released its latest plastic welding rod to match plastics on some newer vehicles, the R08-01 PPE+PS.  Polyphenylene Ether + Polystyrene (PPE+PS) is an engineering plastic that is used on some automotive interior and exterior applications. This plastic is quite rigid and may be glass-filled for greater strength. In North America and Western Europe it is marketed mainly by Sabic Industrial Plastics under the Noryl brand name.
Using its in-house plastic extrusion line, Polyvance has extruded an injection-molding grade Noryl PPE+PS resin in a 1/8-inch diametre round profile, black in colour. The rod is available for immediate sale under part number R08-01-03-BK for a 30-foot package. A one-pound bag of the rods is also available under part number R08-01-04-BK.
A statement from Polyvance says the company offers the world’s largest variety of plastic welding rod materials, profiles, colours and package sizes. The new R08 PPE+PS joins recently-added materials such as R13 PET, R14 ASA, and R15 PPE+PA (GTX) plastics. 
For more information, including a complete list of welding rod offerings, please visit polyvance.com


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