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Madison Heights, Michigan -- January 29, 2017 -- Sika Automotive expands its product portfolio with SikaBaffle-230, a rubber-based, highly-expandable elastomeric tape for sealing and acoustic treatments in the automotive body shop. According to Sika, SikaBaffle-230's reduced mass and high expansion help enable lightweight vehicle initiatives, combined with enhanced performance properties including tenacious adhesion, wide substrate compatibility, and excellent water sealing and acoustic performance.

Elastomeric tapes are widely used in the automotive industry to seal small hollow body cavities and represent multiple benefits for OEMs such as shorter design time, ease of application and low investment cost.

Sika says its new body shop sealant tape, SikaBaffle-230, provides excellent sealing for body cavities. Once expanded, it remains soft and provides outstanding sound absorption characteristics. This product is fully compatible with body shop automotive treatments and keeps its expansion properties over a broad temperature range.

A key attribute of this product is its versatility. Sika says it's easy to apply and can be used anywhere in the vehicle body, including the wet areas. It also shows great application flexibility, with excellent adhesion to a wide range of steel and aluminum substrates.


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