The new 505 Correction Glaze from 3D Products.

Burlington, Ontario -- December 4, 2016 -- 3D Products has introduced its new 505 Correction Glaze, which the company says combines its Adaptive Abrasive Technology with the UV protection of its Montan Wax.

A statement from 3D Products says 505 Correction Glaze is adaptable to fresh and cured paints, providing a deep wet gloss finish. 3D Products says it works best when applied inside the shop or in a shaded area, but it is also sun friendly.

Correction Glaze will correct most light to moderate scratches when using either a dual action polisher or a rotary buffer, according to a statement. 3D Correction Glaze can be combined with the company's AAT Compound #501 and Finishing Polish#502 to provide the added protection of 3D's breathable Montan Wax.  

You can see 505 Correction Glaze in action in the player below.


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