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EMM says the new Colad Spray Sample Sleeves help to keep information organization and prevents scratches.

Toronto, Ontario -- October 14, 2016 -- EMM has introduced Spray Sample Sleeves from Colad. According to EMM, the new sleeves help keep information organized and protect spray samples from scratches.

These small cardboard sleeves provide space for one painted Colad Spray Sample. Basic information such as the date, car type and colour code can be listed on the envelope. When stored, the colour is visible at a glance through the square hole in the front of the envelope. Aiding in organization, each sleeve has a round hole so they can be easily stored on spray sample wall or in a spray sample cabinet.

The Spray Sample Sleeves are the latest entry in Colad’s paint preparation range. Colad introduced its printed Mixing Cups 25 years ago as the start of the range and it has expanded many times since.

For more information, please visit emm.com.


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