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The asTech2 from Collision Diagnostic Services.

Anaheim, California -- Aug 24, 2016 -- Collision Diagnostic Services (CDS) has announced the official release of its next generation asTech2 diagnostic tool.

A statement from CDS says the new asTech2 device will cover nearly all makes and models, 2008 and newer. In addition to launching a new mobile app, the company also added new features that include Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capability.

The asTech2 device was awarded 2nd place in the collision repair and refinish product category at the new product showcase at this past year’s SEMA show. The company said in a statement that it had received a significant number of pre-orders for the product as a result, the majority of which have already been filled.

“The next generation asTech2 device represents a significant step forward in our Company’s pursuit to provide the best diagnostic services to the collision repair industry,” said Dan Young, VP Sales and Marketing for CDS. “With today’s vehicles, it is becoming increasingly difficult to perform a proper repair without the help of trained specialists in the area of diagnostics.”

The AsTech2 is available in Canada through Precision Marketing. For more information, please visit astech.com.


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