Toronto, Ontario -- April 5, 2018 -- This week, the Saskachewan Association of Automotive Repairers will host several town hall meetings with representatives of Saskachewan Government Insurance. The meetings will provide Saskachewan repairers with the opportunity to discuss their concerns about recently announced training and equipment fees, and a new tiered compensation policy.

Last month, at SAAR's annual conference, SGI officials announced plans to their accreditation procedure which would require shops to invest in as much as $100,000 in equipment or lose their status. A senior executive also said the crown corporation would not provide any financial assistance to collision repair facilities in rural areas.

Last week, however, SGI Minister Joe Hargrave told the CBC that company officials had gotten "a little ahead of themselves."

"I encourage them to come out to these town hall meetings that they're going to have, voice their concerns, and no decision's been made as to anything," Hargrave told the CBC.

The town halls will be held at 6pm, and will run in Regina on Tuesday and Wednesday,  and in Yorkton on Thursday. Both Regina meetings will  at the Travelodge located at 4177 Albert Street South. The Yorkton event will take place at the Yorkton Holiday Inn, which is located at 63 7th Avenue North.

From 2:30 to 4:30pm prior to each meeting, SAAR executive director Tom Bissonette will be leading an estimating seminar. It will be held at Auto Electric on the Tuesday and Wednesday.

"This is a free event and, as a bonus, the good folks at Auto Electric are going to provide a BBQ supper to all attendees!" Bissonnette wrote in a note to SAAR members. "The same seminar will be held in Yorkton on Thursday at the Holiday Inn Hotel where the SGI Town Hall Meeting is, we will most likely arrange for supper at the hotel."

To register as an attendee at the town hall events, fill in this form.

Click the included link to sign up for Tom Bissonnette's seminars in Regina, or in Yorkton.



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