By CRM staff

Toronto, Ontario – February 11, 2019 – The National Automotive Trades Association held its annual meeting in Toronto last month, with speeches from their new president and discussions about what the association’s future looks like.

“The role of NATA in recent years has been to ensure that there is fairness and equity in the automotive repair industry so that the aftermarket’s ability to compete is not hampered when it comes to access to vehicle repair information and training,” said newly appointed NATA president Ronald Tremblay.

During the meeting, they confirmed that they are reinforcing their commitment to the Canadian Automotive Service Information Standard (CASIS) which is an agreement between industry and automotive manufacturer associations to ensure that Canadian technicians have the same access to vehicle repair information and training as automotive dealers.

"We are encouraged by our relationship with manufacturer associations and I am confident that the needs of technicians are in good hands through the CASIS agreement. With respect to the future direction of NATA, there is a very committed and experienced group of professional industry experts who take their role in support of industry very seriously. I look forward to working with my fellow NATA directors and members to bring strategic focus to the association and to engaging other provincial associations in this important work,” said Tremblay.

Prior to the NATA meeting, the association sent invitations to all provincial automotive associations to participate. Dale Finch, from one of the association's umbrella groups, Western Canadian Automotive Business Association (WCABA) was one of the few that accepted. NATA also announced that the association has been in touch with other Canadian aftermarket groups to discuss a possible engagement with NATA.

The association has been representing the needs of the automotive aftermarket industry in Canada since 1947.


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