By CRM staff 

Toronto, Ontario -- December 27, 2018 -- Saskatchewan has been cracking down on unregistered vehicles and drivers without valid licenses, thanks in part to increased license plate technology.

Last month the Saskatchewan police reported 328 offences for drivers operating vehicles with a suspended or disqualified license. In addition, 804 offences were reported of motor vehicles or trailers being operated without a valid registration and 316 offences of driving without a valid license or failing to abide by license restrictions.

More than 140 law enforcement vehicles are now equipped with automated license plate readers, making it easier than ever for police to spot unregistered vehicles or vehicles associated with suspended drivers. The consequence for a driver found using an unregistered vehicle is a fine of $580. For driver’s caught with suspended or disqualified licenses, penalties under The Traffic Safety Act, The Criminal Code of Canada, The Automobile Accident Insurance Act and applicable regulations will all be applied.

Saskatchewan police have also had their hands full with a list of other driving related offences, pulling over 288 impaired drivers last month alone. Other offences included 325 seatbelt related tickets, 5,022 speeding tickets and 728 distracted driving offences, including 601 for cell phone use.

Saskatchewan Government Insurance has been busy campaigning the last two months with its Traffic Safety Spotlight to bring awareness to both drivers hitting the road without valid licenses and vehicles, and for drivers to think twice about driving impaired.

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