founder Andrea Amico.

By CRM staff

Toronto, Ontario -- September 10, 2018 -- founder Andrea Amico has warned insurers that cars may contain garage codes, home addresses, destinations and a log of calls and texts—all information that hackers could steal and use to exploit drivers.

According to a report from the US-based Repairer Driven News, the security product vendor delivered the message to the Connected Car Insurance USA audience, which met on September 5 in Chicago.

“Hacking a car and turning it into a deathtrap is a threat,” said Amico, “but it’s hard to make money off of an owner you’ve killed. Targeting personal information is low-risk and potentially more lucrative.”

Amico went on to explain that insurers and repairers should consider their own legal position, with both groups potentially liable for costs related to data stolen from vehicles while in the possession of insurers or repairers.

The presentation also highlighted a 396-vehicle study had done in collaboration with the International Automotive Remarketers Alliance. It found personal that 39 percent of salvage vehicles had a digital footprint containing personal information just from Bluetooth phone systems and 27 percent from GPS systems.

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