Provincial Attorney General David Eby recently described the financial situation at the ICBC as a dumpster fire.
Vancouver, B.C. -- February 27, 2018 -- The provincial NDP may have found a new target to pin the blame of the Insurance Company of B.C.'s fiscal woes, with a report alleging that the previous Liberal government had known of the situation in 2014 and failed to take the appropriate actions.
The report, released by the Vancouver Sun, alleges that the Liberal government knew the ICBC  would face financial difficulties in the coming years. Originally written by accounting firm Ernst and Young, the report was filled with recommendations for righting the public insurer – changes that the then Transportation Minister Todd Stone now says he never saw, according to the news story in the Sun.
While the idea has only recently been put into action by the governing NDP, one of the key recommendations made in the report was for the implementation of caps on minor injuries.
Provincial Attorney General responded to the release with a veiled swipe at the media and the previous government.  
“The only thing that really surprises me about all of this is that it took a news organization to be more transparent than the previous government.”


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