By Tom Davis

Regina, Saskatchewan -- January 19, 2018 -- Saskatchewan Government Insurance (SGI) has announced it has changed its definition of an antique vehicle. The corporation said its definition has officially changed from "vehicles 30 years old or older" to "vehicles that are model year 1987 and older.”

This change means vehicles with a model year of 1988 and newer will not be eligible for antique use, although the change does not impact any vehicles currently registered with antique use.

“This change is about addressing an imbalance,” said Penny McCune, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of the Auto Fund. “The intent of the antique use class, when originally created, was to accommodate vintage vehicles that were used infrequently – for parades, special occasions or Sunday drives."

While physical damage coverage for antique vehicles is limited to $800, full liability and injury benefits are provided. All antique vehicles pay the same insurance premium, regardless of vehicle make or body style.

The number of vehicles registered as antique in Saskatchewan has increased by 55 percent over the past five years, and the total number of vehicles registered as antique involved in claims has grown by 31 percent since 2011, according to SGI.

McCune added: "We’re seeing more and more antique-registered vehicles driven as regular-use vehicles; daily in many cases. Because they’re insured at such a low cost, this does not adequately provide for the injury and liability claim payouts in the event of a collision.”

SGI said its decision to change the definition was made after it consulted with car clubs and antique vehicle enthusiasts. As a result, the corporation decided the fairest option to address this imbalance was to cap the antique class at the 1987 model year, rather than increase rates for all antique vehicles.

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