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San Diego, California -- October 12, 2016 -- Can computers be programmed to see what a human sees? Alex Dalyac says they can. Dalyac is the CEO of Tractable, a UK-based company that has recently signed a partnership agreement with Mitchell International.

Tractable specializes in the development of artificial intelligence (AI) solutions capable of automating manual tasks. Mitchell has announced it will integrate Tractable's solutions within its WorkCenter Automobile Physical Damage platform. WorkCenter is a modular solution produced by Mitchell for the insurance sector. According to a press release, this will enable customers to make better decisions and accelerate the vehicle repair and claims management processes.

"Our industry is ready to adopt intelligent solutions leveraging machine learning technologies. There are many activities we believe can be improved using these capabilities and we are thrilled to partner with Tractable to bring innovative solutions forward," says Debbie Day, Executive Vice President of Mitchell International.

Broadly speaking, the idea here is to have intelligent software take some of the load off insurance claims professionals by simplifying and accelerating repetitive tasks. In turn, this would allow the human beings involved in the process to focus on activities in the claims process that require more oversight, intelligence and experience.

The software isn't intended to provide a full estimate, but to determine in a broad sense what level of repair is needed, or if the vehicle should be considered a total loss. Speeding up this process should benefit both insurers and repairers.

"Our technology is going to change the way that auto claims are managed in the future. We have trained computers to see exactly what humans see, so that vehicle damage can be assessed within seconds and consistent decisions made. Artificial intelligence will make the process quicker, more cost effective and more efficient," said Alex Dalyac, CEO of Tractable. "We are excited to partner with Mitchell as we believe their long history and market-leading expertise, combined with their modern cloud-based solutions, will enable us to create unique opportunities that deliver the benefits of artificial intelligence to the insurance claims sector."

Mitchell and Tractable have stated they will provide additional information at Mitchell's P&C Conference, taking place October 17 to 19 in San Antonio, Texas.


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