Kelowna, British Columbia -- September 18, 2019 -- Boyd Autobody in Kelowna, B.C. held its annual Father’s Day Charity Car Show in June, raising a grand total of $53,000 for the Child Advocacy Centre project.

The annual car show was held on Father’s Day, but it was just last Thursday that Tony Bonon, Boyd’s regional manager, revealed the $53,000 donation to the community. The hefty donation is part of a three-year commitment to the Child Advocacy Centre project, a support centre for victims of child abuse and neglect, which is opening a facility in Kelowna later in the year.

The same car show raised $25,000 for charity in 2018 but, by adding a raffle to win a rebuilt 2005 Mustang, Boyd Autobody was able to more than double that number at this year’s event.

“The thing about the total amount is it was based on a single day event, but it was also based on a different approach this year by raffling off a mustang that was rebuilt and brought back up,” said Bonin in a news release. “It was that raffle that really skyrocketed the event for us this year.”

The raffle itself generated $26,500, with the facility donating an additional $27,029.91.

The Father’s Day Charity Car Show has been running for more than 20 years, with the first show held in Boyd Autobody’s parking lot. It has since grown into a destination for dads and families around Kelowna and the surrounding area, with the event welcoming nearly 30,000 spectators each year.

Planning for next year’s show is already underway. With the success of this year’s fundraiser, Boyd Autobody will bring another car raffle to next year’s show. Bonin even said his facility is planning on storying the production of the auction car, from initial tear down to completed restoration.


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