Toronto, Ontario -- Sept. 4, 2019 -- Porsche’s new subscription service, Porsche Passport, will now be available in Toronto following a two-year pilot in Atlanta, GA. 


Last week the luxury car brand unveiled plans to bring the multi-tiered monthly subscription service to four North American cities, including Las Vegas, San Diego, Phoenix and Toronto. The “Launch” subscription starts at $3,200 per month in Canada and lets subscribers swap between the 718, Maycan and Cayenne, while the $4,200 per month “Accelerate” level unlocks the 911 and Panemera. The monthly payment includes all operating costs except for fuel, taxes and fees; meaning insurance, vehicle registration and maintenance are all covered. 


Members are allowed to drive up to 2,500 kilometres a month and may swap models at their leisure. At the touch of an app, a concierge will deliver one car and pick up the other. Members can choose to deliver the car to their home, work or anywhere else in their designated service area. The two-year Atlanta pilot showed that users typically switch vehicles 2.5 times a month. It also showed an average subscription time of four months, with most users suspending the service due to extended travel plans.


Automakers have begun rolling out similar subscription services in an attempt to reel in younger demographics accustomed to streaming services like Netflix or hailing cabs from an app. With most of these monthly services costing more than a three-year lease, there have been mixed results. While Porsche is expanding its tests, recall that General Motors Co. pulled the plug on their Cadillac subscription service, Cadillac Book, last December.


The Atlanta pilot, however, saw a total of 180 members signed up for the pilot service, with 80 percent never having owned a Porsche before.


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