Toronto, Ontario -- July 11, 2019 - CARSTAR's first day of their annual conference went off without a hitch and raised nearly $20,000 for cystic fibrosis while giving the attendees a taste of Chicagan culture. 

Yesterday was the beginning of the annual three-day conference hosted in the windy city of Chicago. It kicked off with the Soul Stroll for cystic fibrosis - a walk that allowed attendees of the event to see the skyline of the city and the downtown area while raising funds for the North American CF Network. This year had the highest level of participation and was inspired by, "the great Chicago-born music tradition of blues" according to CARSTAR. 

The stroll also celebrated some of CARSTAR's biggest Shine Month Winners. The acknowledgment went out to shops who raised significant funds during the month of June. Canadian winners such as CARSTAR Brampton, CARSTAR Red Deer, and CARSTAR Toronto St. Clair were celebrated for their large contributions and it was announced that CARSTAR is much closer to reaching their goal of $4 million by the end of this week.

After the stroll, attendees listened to Michael Macaluso, president of CARSTAR, lead a discussion on how performance drives growth and the need to put an emphasis on the brand.

According to CARSTAR, they've "seen the need for change coming, and have to put a stronger focus on [the] brand, the EDGE Performance platform, and the need to drive scale across North America to not just keep up but push past competitors."

Afterwards, CARSTAR celebrated their franchisees of the year. Ontario represented Canada big-time as three Ontario-based auto shops scooped up impressive awards for their efforts in the auto industry.

After conferencing, networking, and lots of excitement, attendees were able to pay a visit to the iconic baseball field, Wrigley Field. 

CARSTAR members could go on a VIP tour of the stadium, step into the field and test out their baseball skills at the batting cages. Members then returned to their rooms to rest up in preparation for day 2 of the Acceleration Conference. 



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CARSTAR in Chicago





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