Toronto, Ontario -- July 9, 2019-- This week, CARSTAR heads to the windy city for its annual conference, which is to be held July 10-12, and will will take place at the Hilton Chicago. 

“We are excited to kick off CARSTAR Acceleration 2019 next week. Our 30th-anniversary conference will accelerate our growth plans as franchise partners, business leaders, vendors and insurance carriers all come together to help drive the collective industry forward,” said Michael Macaluso, president of CARSTAR.

Dubbed Acceleration 2019, this year's event coincides with the banner's 30th anniversary. It is also the third conference to bring together both the Canadian and U.S. parts of the business together. The conference will open with a walk through Grant Park designed to raise money for the fight against cystic fibrosis, known as the Soul Stroll. Attendees will also have a formal event at Wrigley Field.

“This premier MSO event of the year, with an incredible lineup of speakers, educational events and networking opportunities, is exclusive to the CARSTAR franchise partners," Macaluso said.

Among the guest speakers set to address the CARSTAR community is Lirel Hold, the banner's legendary founder. Sam Mercanti, who developed CARSTAR in Canada will also speak.

Collision Repair's Gloria Mann will be providing on-the-ground coverage of the event throughout the week. 



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