Toronto, Ontario -- July 4, 2019 - This has been one wacky week for collision repairers across North America. From animals being where they really shouldn't be, to a man invoking the iron law of finders keepers to claim a convertible,  it has been one heck-of-a-week of uber-weird auto news. 

Birdy Work

Auto mechanics in Greensboro North Carolina found themselves in a pretty beak situation earlier this week - enticing a small parrot into their shop with snacks. 

Newt the parrot lived 30 miles away, belonging to a family of animal lovers who were concerned for his safety after he slipped out of his porch and flew into four days of bad weather and harsh winds.

The family goat had chewed through Newt’s screen that had kept him contained on the front porch and Newt took plight soaring several miles away to a local autobody shop, resting outdoors. 

Concerned mechanics lured the bird into a spare car using snacks and were able to find the Newt’s rightful owners.

Now that Newt's home, his owners hope he's learned enough from his time with collision repairer's to fix that darn screen.


Groundhog Day

When employees at Audy Automotive were asked to check in on an engine light in a vehicle, the last thing they expected to find was a furry friend.

Earlier this week, Lizzy Corsetti of Dedham Massachusetts noticed her engine light was on. But when she took her car into the shop to see what was up she discovered it wasn’t her engine that was the issue at all, but a little groundhog that had made home underneath her air filter. 

“Basically I just saw a big-sized animal. We didn’t know what it was because it was kind of tucked in,”  reported Joe Hanna of Audy Auto Center to local news. “In the beginning, I thought it was dead,”

The auto shop called animal control to rescue the very much alive groundhog, and Lizzy’s engine light immediately shut off. 


Finders Keepers

What do you get when you combine a red Corvette, an insistent and pouty man, and a bizarre 911 call? Just ask members of the Vancouver police force who has to deal with just that earlier this week.

In the west end of Vancouver B.C, a 36-year-old man spotted a convertible Chevy Corvette in a mostly empty parking lot. Without much thinking, the man slipped into the front seat, making himself at home and deciding the car was now his.

The dream didn't last long though when the owner of the car confronted the man, confused as to why a stranger was sitting in his Chevy. Despite many attempts himself to convince the man to exit his car, the owner was forced to make one bizarre 911 call, reporting a fully grown adult was trying to call "finders keepers." 

When the police arrived, the man stuck to his guns, claiming the car was his own and although there was no damage to the car that day, there certainly was to that man's pride as it took a round of beanbag shots to get him out. 


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