By Elizabeth Sargeant

Toronto, Ontario -- June 28, 2019 - A collision repair centre on the corner of Peterborough's busiest intersection has been successfully run for more than 40 years. Taken over by the Eggleton family in 2010, from the original Nadeau's, Nadeau Collision Centre has kept the same name, as well as the same values. A connection with the community as close as a family. Collision Repair sat down with director of operations, Kirk Edwards and co-owner Jenn Eggleton to get the inside scoop on how to operate such a well-known shop for so long and why they stand out from the rest.


CR: Nadeau's has been around for more than four decades, how do you keep so busy?

KE: First of all, I'd like to say our number one priority here is quality and customer service. Whether we're washing a car or changing a wheel, we go the extra mile all the time and I think that's what's given us the opportunity to have so many great things happening here. What I like most about [Nadeau's] is the honesty of the owners and their ability to just be truthful and committed to it.

JE: Before us, the previous owners were the Nadeau's. But the name doesn't matter to us, as long as customers come through the doors, we're happy. We're very family-oriented, when someone comes in, we treat them like someone we know. 

KE: The Nadeau's name has carried well over the years. The business has been expanding, and diversifying most importantly. Everyone here knows their purpose.


CR: What makes Nadeau's stand out in the collision repair industry? 

KE: We have the most up-to-date equipment in town, from aluminum repair to our 3D measuring system. In a lot of cases, without this equipment, small damages don't get uncovered, but in this facility, nothing goes unnoticed. 


CR: As a collision repair centre, how do you continue to connect with the community?

JE: We're part of MADD Canada, we're a major sponsor. We also sponsor quite a few local hockey teams, raise funds for families and their kids. It shows the community that we're not all about us, we really do care and appreciate what people provide for us and support us and we wanna do the same in return.

KE: I think everyone here is personally involved and represents Nadeau's somehow in the community. Personally I live on a First Nations [Reserve] so I belong to the council and sit next to the cheif as a counsellor. We're involved in all parts of the community. 


Nadeau's Collision Centre is located on 180 Goodfellow Rd. For more information, call 705 743 6661



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