Toronto, Ontario -- June 20, 2019 - German-based company BASF just recieved an award in their coating division at a ceremony ealier this week.

The Pierre Potier prize medal is an award that celebrates eco-friendly processes when it comes to chemical production, collision repair, and environmental preservation.

The ceremony featured several industry leaders, including Fabien Boschetti, Managing Director of BASF Coatings Services in France and Agnès Pannier-Runacher, French Secretary of State to the Minister of the Economy and Finance.

BASF was awarded the medal because of their eSense line, which according to BASF'S press release, "allows body shops to significantly shorten product drying times during the repair process," and "enables a considerable reduction in energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions."

With the slogan, "good for cars and the environment," the eSense line of paint saves both fossil fuels and 550g of CO2 per product.

“The challenge tackled by our teams was to provide technical solutions for bodywork repair processes which are as effective as the standard systems while at the same time significantly improving environmental performances," stated Boschetti. "This specific feature is a first in automotive paints and makes the eSense line the sustainable solution for vehicle repairs."

BASF continues to use environmentally sustainable techniques when producing and designing their products and remain dedicated becoming even more eco-friendly.

“Climate change is one of the main challenges for society and BASF has been innovating in this field for many years," said Thierry Herning, head of BASF France. "Energy efficiency and the use of renewable resources are key levers to combine climate protection, conservation of resources and economic benefits."

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