Toronto, Ontario -- June 19,  2019 - Refinish Solutions Group (RSG) has just extended their umbrella brand to polishing compound company, the U.K.-based Farécla.

The name Farécla comes from the combination of the french words “shining” and “bright” which is a perfect description of what their product provides for collision repairers.

Founded in 1952, Farécla has become one of the leading automotive surface polishing products on the market, and RSG is excited to invite them into their association.

According to RSG, Farécla will fit well as RSG provides “great access to a one-stop, comprehensive refinishing-solutions system to increase productivity, reduce cycle time and improve quality.”

Multinational corporation Saint-Gobain absorbed Farécla earlier last year. The movement to include Farécla into the Refinish Solutions Group is called the Saint-Gobain Initiative.

“Saint-Gobain acquired Farécla in late 2018,” Ron Cuccia of Saint-Gobain Abrasives stated earlier this month. “We are excited by the increased focus on collision repair and the technical expertise Farécla brings to engineer new solutions for the automotive market.”

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