By Lindsey Cooke

Toronto, Ontario -- June 13, 2019 -- From an alligator taking a bite out of a vehicle to a celebrity’s bad luck with an auto repair shop and a flying tire damaging another vehicle, Collision Repair has prepared the top three unbelievable stories of the week.

See You Later Alligator

Florida deputies found an eight-foot-long unpleasant surprise roaming through the grass near the highway. While waiting for the wildlife removal experts to put the alligator back in its normal habitat, the deputies themselves tried to contain the big guy, but the alligator wasn’t having it. He took a huge chunk out of the deputy’s front bumper, and then escaped. There is still no word on where he wondered off to.

Yo Gotta Get a New Lambo

Rapper Yo Gotti was just awarded $66,000 after a staff member of a Georgian auto shop allegedly took his Lamborghini out for a test drive and absolutely decimated the vehicle. When Yo Gotti took his $406k Lambo into Motorcars of Georgia for repairs, he had no idea that his car would come out looking worse than it did coming in. According to court documents, while the car was getting tuned up, a shop employee took it out for an early morning test drive and crashed it into a tractor-trailer, resulting in hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of damage. Yo Gotti expected an $80k settlement for the “mental anguish” he’s experienced from the accident and money he’s allegedly lost from not being able to use the 2012 Lamborghini in music videos but in the end, only received 60k for his loss.

Flying Tire

It was only a month ago that a wheel that flew off from a vehicle hit another while riding along the Highway 400. Well, it’s happened again and on the same highway. A wheel flew off a vehicle heading northbound on the same highway, bounced over the other side of the highway and smashed through another drivers windshield. The driver was from Barrie, Ont. and endured severe injuries. The impact of the wheel smashed her whole windshield in and damaged the roof of the car.


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