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Toronto, Ontario -- June 12, 2019 -- Collision repairers and industry members from all over the world gathered to Italy for this year’s IBIS Global Summit. The first day was filled with key speakers, and important points to note. Collision Repair has broken down day one of the event, highlighting key presentations.

Day one:

Vice president of business development for Verisk Insurance Solutions, James Grant presented his findings on improving insurance claims for customers. As a data analysis business, Verisk collects credit card information to help increase sales and reduce fraud.

According to Grant, 39 percent of drivers switch vehicle manufacturers within 12 months of a poorly handled claim/repair. While 41 percent switch insurance after an accident no matter how effectively the claim was handled.

Grant explained that most dissatisfaction is caused by confusion and delays in the early stages of the claim process following the event of an accident. A solution to this issue, he pointed out, was an app on mobile devices. With this app, it can determine if the damaged item on the vehicle will need to be repaired or replaced. The photos processed by AI algorithms are used to estimate the severity of damage on parts for appraisal. With this system, a claim can be settled in as little as 13 minutes.

Following this presentation, Jennifer Boyer, global collision business and strategy manager of Ford Motor Company, alongside Jim Azzouz, marketing director for aftersales of Ford Europe took the stage to discuss the collision repair strategy the OEM has prepared for the future on a global scale.

They shared Ford’s vision, which involves their smart vehicles to be connected to the cloud. With this new technology, OE’s will be able to be more active in the collision repair process. They want to ensure customers get the experience they deserve and receive the right OE repair process plus parts. The OE also plans on growing its Certified Collision Repair network, which they had just opened up this year, while also preparing for an autonomous future. Ford wants to be heavily involved in the claims and repair industry to make sure that customers interests are met.

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s article breaking down day two of the event!


IBIS Global Summit 2019



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