By CRM Staff

Toronto, Ontario -- June 7, 2019 -- In the collision repair industry, there is no lack of unique marketing strategies. From hosting community events to promoting special offers to loyal customers, one can never run dry of fresh ideas to promote their shop. But what about when animals are involved? Or leaving ones entire social media presence in the hands of a customer? This week, Collision Repair magazine found the top three weirdest, yet surprisingly effective ways to catch a customer's eye in the autobody industry and hook 'em in. 


1. Letting Sleeping Dogs Lie

Rick’s Automotive is located in Muscatine, Iowa. Home to The National Pearl Button Museum, the infamous big Butterfly Garden and the cutest marketing tool to ever live. A dead dog... well, at least a dog that is a disturbingly heavy-sleeper. Hudson, a two-year old Siberian husky loves to take long naps outside of his owner’s auto body shop, a shop that is located off the side of a very busy road. Hudson’s stiff and lifeless style of napping usually slows customers down, and many run inside the shop to alert the owner that his dog has possibly been struck. The owner, Dustin Trimble, believes their fears, letting them know the pooch just likes to play dead and while they’re there, tells them all about his business, while Hudson to blissfully dreams and attracts more customers outside.


2. Going Green

If you want to experience the outdoors while getting your car repaired, look no further than Green Tech Automotive. Located in Santa Rosa, California, this repair shop is lime green, catching the eyes of any passer-by, or really anyone in a 500 m radius. This big and bright auto shop is dedicated to restoring vehicles in the most environmentally ethical way possible and continues the celebration of earth’s natural colours indoors. Green Tech Automotive’s lobby is filled with plants, fish tanks, and earth-themed decorations, and to top it all off, house a massive and ancient looking tree right outside their shop. The eye-catching outside is a bold marketing technique of its own, but Green Tech Automotive’s overall dedication to sustainability is what makes the customers stay. Did I mention they serve snacks?


3. Social Media Turns “Shifty” Shop to Celebrity Status

When a mostly-male dominated repair shop enlisted the help of social media savvy, Stephanie Gutierrez, their world flipped upside down. Struggling with a reputation of being “unreliable” and feeling isolated like many shop owners feel, owner Jeff Matt asked long-time Gutierrez to help him connect to the community and boy did she deliver. In just a few weeks, Gutierrez was able to launch a Youtube Channel, Facebook community, Twitter account. She posted wacky quizzes, behind the scene shots, and some very flattering pics of the employees. Now, the business has grown to three different locations, attracts thousands of views and has an online following of more than 60 percent women. Customers now love to take pictures with employees they spot on the street, turning Victory Auto Service into a celebrity status shop.


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