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By CRM staff

Toronto, Ontario – June 7, 2019 –Toronto police are investigating a series of vehicle fires that occured on Thursday morning, involving an autobody shop, a tow truck and another vehicle.

The morning of mysterious fires began at 1 a.m. when Toronto Fire received a call claiming a vehicle was aflame in a driveway at Long Crescent and Glen Ames. The fire had ended up spreading to another vehicle but was put out shortly after by the crew.

No less than an hour later the fire department received another call at a nearby auto body shop near the intersection of Sinnott and Sherry road. Two vehicles were reported to be on fire and by the time the fire department arrived, the fire had spread to a third vehicle.

Less than an hour later, another call came through at a parking lot of a highrise. The affected vehicle turned out to be a Canadian Automobile Association (CAA) tow truck that was on fire just a street over from the last incident.

“We did find evidence of an accelerant at the scene," Toronto Fire Capt. David Eckerman told Collision Repair.  "And as we were responding there was vehicle in the area speeding, which we don’t know at this time if the vehicle was related to the incident or not."

Eckerman confirmed that police are investigating the incidents to see if any of these incidents were related at all.

If you have any information on this incident, please contact the Toronto City Police at  (416) 808-2222


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