By Lindsey Cooke

Toronto, Ontario – June 7, 2019 – From a Canadian Tire service tech’s joyride to Aladdin taking Tesla to court, to a living room on wheels—Collision Repair has prepared the top three unbelievable stories of the week.


Test Drive Joyride

A Toronto resident dropped his BMW M2 off at a local Canadian Tire service centre for a tire swap. What he found out later when he checked his dashcam footage was not expected at all. One of the employees at the service centre took the vehicle out for what was supposed to be a test drive but it ended up being a joyride. In the footage, you can see the driver was revving the engine hard and driving quite aggressively. The car was also driving at 112 km/h and flying down residential streets in Markham. It sped around several corners before returning back to the Canadian Tire. The vehicle owner filed a complaint to Canadian Tire where they had replied in an e-mail stating they had fired that employee and the police were notified.


Aladdin and the 40 corporate lawyers

Aladdin star and Toronto native Mena Massoud is suing Tesla for a collision that happened last year in Los Angeles. Massoud who plays the urchin-cum-prince in the new live-action Disney flick claims that his new Tesla Model 3 had manufacturing defects which caused the incident. A day after Massoud had purchased the vehicle he was switching lanes on Hollywood Boulevard where his front right wheel had flown off and he lost control of the vehicle, hitting a tree. Massoud also claims he suffered with personal injuries from the crash and blames Tesla executives.


Furniture in the Fast Lane

Every now and then, a driver will see something truly bizzare going down on the road. In Texas, however, reports are on the rise thanks to a couple who converted their living room leopard print couch into a vehicle and drove it down the street. Alongside their couch, they had a table, and a lamp set up in front of the couch. It might seem like an original idea but it's not. It was actually initially designed by famous British motoring presenter Edd China. China’s Casual Lofa is one of the fastest pieces of furniture that can be driven on the road, obtaining speeds of 87 miles per hour. This vehicle coach is powered by a 1.3-litre BMC A-Plus engine, which could have been found in vintage Minis in the ‘80s and ‘90s.


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