By CRM staff

Toronto, Ontario -- June 3, 2019 --  As a result of the fatal immolation of an employee in 2015, a Thompson, Man. auto repair facility owner will pay a $20,000 fine related to safety violations.

In 2015, an employee at Clarence Automatic Transmission used a hand-held grinder to cut into a 55-gallon steel drum that contained explosive fumes. The Government of Manitoba later investigated the incident, seeking to determine if it could have been prevented, had the worker received proper workplace health and safety training. In May, the owner of Clarence Automatic Transmission, Clarence Jackson, pleaded guilty to failing to ensure the safety, health, and welfare of a worker.

Last year, Halifax-based repairer Elie Hoyeck was in far more severe legal jeopardy after a similar situation led to the death of one of his employees in 2013. In that incident, Hoyeck was found not guilty of criminal negligence causing death.









































































































































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