By Sue Dickens

There is a fine balance necessary when it comes to setting goals. By formally declaring an ambition, countries, organizations, and individuals can clarify their own priorities and push themselves to accomplish more than they otherwise would. There are catches here. Should a goal be too easily accomplished, it can serve to not drive progress, but slow it—after all, if it seems clear that the deadline to reach the expectation is going to be easily achieved, the sense of urgency is removed. On the other hand, setting a goal that is unachievable can—and likely will—lead to a sense of failure and a deleterious effect on morale.

In collision businesses across Canada, Collision Repair recently reached out to the Canadian collision community to hear about the most effective goal-setting strategies employed by owners and managers.

1: Favour Flexibility

For Larry Mueller, the manager of sales at AutoExtreme Regina, setting realistic goals is done at various times—weekly, monthly and annually.

While he aims to make these goals ambitious, but accomplishable, he feels that owners would benefit by allowing their goals to be adjusted according to changing circumstances.

“We readjust them if we have to, but our goals are ones that push the company,” he said with enthusiasm.

2: Get the team on board

Mueller’s colleague at AutoExtreme Regina, general manager of business Troy Metz is also a firm believer in the importance of goal-making—a trait he favours in potential hires.

His own strategy for obtaining goals is ensuring that the whole team is on the same page.

“For everyone from the front desk manager to salespeople to the autobody techs and the paint folks, we are very transparent with the financial goals, operational goals of the business, so they understand top to bottom.” Allowing this inclusion forces the workers to take pride in their work and become personally, emotionally and financially invested in the business. Customer feedback is a good way of ensuring that your team cares about the work they are doing.


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