Toronto, Ontario – May 14, 2019 -- The Salvation Army in North Vancouver can feed more than 1,000 people every week in Lower Mainland, thanks to Craftsman Collision’s donation of $42,000 towards the purchase of a new refrigerator truck.

At the beginning of May, Alfred Esdaille of the North Vancouver Salvation Army and owner of Craftsman Collision Bill Hatswell unveiled the new refrigerated food truck at Craftsman’s head office in North Vancouver, B.C.

The refrigerator is filled with food that volunteers pick up from grocery stores that would otherwise have been thrown out, but is still good to eat and redistribute the food.

The truck also provides relief for the organization in many ways. One of the reasons being that the truck will reduce the monthly vehicle expenses by $1,300 and annual savings of $15,600. Not to mention it gives the Salvation Army the ability to serve a greater number of people through additional food bank distributions and more importantly, it ensures that people don’t have to choose between the basic necessities of buying food or medicine and paying rent.


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