By CRM staff

Toronto, Ontario -- May 14, 2019 -- Tesla vehicles could alter the automotive repair industry with an on-board software suite designed to automatically diagnose issues, order parts, and refer drivers to certified collision repair shops – at least in the U.S.

Earlier this year Tesla CEO Elon Musk shared that the company would be making service its number one priority, but not for just the U.S., Canada too.

“I want to note that one of our major priorities this quarter is improving service operations. Really, from my standpoint, when I think about what my priorities are this quarter, it’s improving service in North America,” he said.

Musk then announced a list of initiatives that Tesla was implementing to improve its services. One of the services included a live issue detection to automatically call a tow truck and loaner vehicle before the vehicle even come to a stop.

According to Electrek, one of the biggest issues Tesla wanted to address was the availability of parts. The solution now lies within its new vehicle software, that diagnoses the repair, pre-orders the parts and then directs the driver to a Tesla certified collision centre.

A Tesla Model 3 owner tweeted about the notification he received on the centre screen in his vehicle. The notification stated: “An unexpected condition has been detected with the Power Conversion System on your Model 3. A replacement part has been pre-shipped to your preferred Tesla Service Center. Please use your Tesla Mobile App or your Tesla account to schedule a service visit appointment now.”

Tesla confirmed the new feature on Twitter. “ Our cars can keep tabs on certain components to let you know if they need replacing and order parts ahead of your next service visit,” says Tesla's post.

According to Electrek, the OEM compared the new feature to skipping the doctor and going right to the pharmacy.


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