By CRM staff

Toronto, Ontario – May 9, 2019 --  From a famous NASCAR driver's recent discovery in his backyard to some head-shaking driving in Ontario and an Alligator rescued from a rather sweaty lycra prison, Collision Repair has prepared the top three unbelievable stories of the week.

Dreadful Driving

 A video was posted to Facebook by a driver who was cruising behind a red sedan carrying planks of wood on the QEW in Hamilton, Ont. with the rear doors of the car wide open. After this video went viral, someone submitted a photo to CBC of what looks like the same vehicle carting steal beams with its rear doors wide open traveling on the same highway, yet again. Ontario Provincial Police have yet to identify the driver, so no charges have been laid at this time. 


Race Car Graveyard

If you didn't know yet, NASCAR driver Dale Earnhardt Jr. has an interesting backyard. Earnhardt's backyard is filled with race cars that his property manager drops off in random locations without telling him. "That just adds to the mystery of the graveyard," he said. Recently he posted to Facebook about his latest discovery that he says he has been looking for, for about a year. He found Wayne Jesel’s land speed car that was converted from an old Xfinity car.


Later Alligator

After a couple in a pickup truck ran through a stop sign, Florida police pulled them over to discover more than what they had bargained for. Police asked the man in the vehicle to unzip his backpack, where they found 41 small turtles in a bag. They then asked if there was anything else, they were hiding. The woman pulled out a foot-long alligator from her yoga pants. Police confiscated the reptiles and released them back to the wild. The sheriffs took this unusual occurrence to Twitter, “Not to be outdone by #Floridaman, a #FloridaWoman pulled this alligator out of her pants this morning during a traffic stop after being asked the standard ‘Do you have anything else?’”



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