By CRM staff

Toronto, Ontario – April 15, 2019 – A collision repairer is speaking out after the RCMP executed a search warrant at Autopro auto shop in Calgary. Peter Singh, who is also the Calgary-East United Conservative Party candidate in Alberta's upcoming provincial election, believes the raid was politically motivated.

According to CBC News, an RCMP spokesperson confirmed that officers had executed a search warrant at his repair shop, Autopro but could not release the details on why.  RCMP confiscated a hard drive and other electronic devices from Singh, the Toronto Sun reported. The items that were confiscated were returned to him on the morning of April 12.

He also stated that this is nothing but a scare tactic to create “doubt” in the voter’s minds.

“It is apparent this story is a scare tactic used to create doubt in the voter’s mind by the competition, to hurt my campaign and the United Conservative Party during a crucial time as we very near election day,” Singh wrote in a Facebook post. “I stand firm on my innocence. I have fully cooperated with the RCMP.” 

Singh confirmed that this news story has only “made my team and I want to fight harder to represent our riding so our communities are free from such a party that uses tactics to scare and make voters fear change.”

In the last line of his post, he told his constituents that they are welcome to stop by his office with any questions or concerns they might have.


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