By CRM staff
Toronto, Ontario – March 22, 2019 – Auto glass repair and replacement is no walk in the park, at least according to the latest survey conducted by Collision Repair
New technology in vehicles is making repairs a lot more complicated, and auto glass is one of them. Many shop owners have expressed concerns about the difficulty of performing these repairs with ADAS systems and sensors.
“The technology they are putting in windshields, sensors, and cameras is one of the biggest obstacles our shop faces when performing auto glass repairs,” an anonymous shop owner commented.
While this was just one of the obstacles mentioned many had commented about the lower rates that are offered by insurers and the lack of training offered to have a qualified technician in-house.
Of the shop owners who responded, 40 percent said they have one trained technician capable of performing auto glass repair and replacements, while 38 percent said they have no one at all. 
A few respondents also left messages as to why the shortage exists. 
“Rates are too low,” one anonymous repairer responded.
“No one out there wants to do this work,” another commented.


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